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I take this mountain seriously in something and make an effort and am going to be built to the top to aim at
It is one professional human foundation.
However, I take it seriously, and will what's called top really exist?
I am stuck in the depth so as to take it seriously if I take it seriously and pile it up if I pile it up
I struggle to going to the top like a marsh, and does the world not struggle?
In to see smartly if only a table looks
Of the thing which the figure was serious how, and gravity and oneself piled up if I looked at the back
It shows whether you assume weight.
However, seeing from right above, form in itself of the mountain draws round Japanese yen and swirls.
Even if the construction of the effort saw it in evil from the outside
This is because it is the justice that is firm for the person.
And in the circumference of a thing built by a large quantity of numerical effort
There is strong intention (stone) to feel say.
It is the act that is made with strong intention in overturning to continue doing something in strong thought.
In addition, it is a work clogged up with various concept elements.
The person with the interest, please hear the voice of the work deeply!
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