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This space is the installation that featured the theme of a hotel.
The space that links a place and the place that I want to go to the hotel.
I take a rest until then and am not only waiting.
"to save" more which I wait for.
In addition, to walk it with every effort well to the future to aim!
A hotel is something like plant such as the umbrella such as the cobweb.
Where should be to go to the place to aim at; is for time
I look for a place to stay, and let the ground grow thick with an invisible root,
I find the place that there should be, and game sets up the thread which rotated of the blood then for forthcoming time and,
I build up a better hideout and wait in that. Success comes naturally from the other side if I do so it.
Even if it is lucky, it is not accidental.
I aim at time and demand a place to stay hard at a moment at the moment
Set up an invisible root and spin a thread and make a nest,
With that in mind, it is the result that I was able to be waiting at the place.
In other words With the hotel, to achieve an aim at that time,
With the forthcoming steps that I sometimes did well
It is the umbrella of the heart that is necessary to advance to the next step.
As for coming across such best place for oneself from this now, and arriving
It is important to grant a dream.
Because the existence such as the hotel improves oneself for a person most in living
I am a necessary person.
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