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Jewelry acts as a mirror where I can see more than my reflection.
I see my true self.
Something so small and delicate like jewelry can leave a huge impression and is a powerful tool of my self-expression.  Something so small can be so impactful.
When I wear my jewelry, it is a big part of me expressing who I am.
It says a lot about me.
By wearing this large necklace and anchoring it to the ground, I'm forced to view myself objectively from common eyes.
It is like me dressed in a silver frame.
There are many thoughts in the world that are pointed or rounded.
I wonder what the world sees when I wear my jewelry.
How do I look from the ground?
We as human beings have infinite possibilities.
We can change our perspective of the world and ourselves by using our hands and creating something new.
I hope that you can look at yourself differently now with a new perspective and look at your reflection in others. 
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